Cryogenic magnetic shieldings made from CRYOPHY®

The permeability of conventional µ-metal drops significantly from a temperature of minus 40 ° C, which makes the alloy unsuitable for use at low temperatures. As a result, the nickel-iron alloy has been further developed so that a high permeability can still be achieved at 4 Kelvin.

Under the brand name CRYOPHY ®, APERAM ALLOYS IMPHY manufactures the µ-metal that we prefer, which is suitable for low temperatures. In the further processing of magnetic shields suitable for low temperatures, such as those used in cryogenic systems in high-energy physics, the heat treatment on the ready-to-install components is of particular importance.



Typical application: Magnetic shielding at cryogenic temperatures (typically 4K) for cryostats and SQUID sensors.

Semi-finished products – cold-rolled, strip-annealed – available from stock

CRYOPHY ® is a registered trademark of APERAM S.A.