Sheet metal working

Cutting, welding, turning, drilling, milling & spinning – fully automated


Blanks, that have been laser cut, stamped, photo etched or sawn, are available according your specifications not only from stocked flat or round semi-finished material, considering the alloy availability and offcut.


You would need for turning and milling in-house alloy 2.4545, µ-metal, discs with a thickness of e.g. 40mm and min. diameter of 150mm. Depending on the availability we would offer bars with the desired diameter or bars next in size.

Welded part

Welded parts, by the majority as magnetic shieldings, you can get from us according drawing.

Machined part

Depending on the requirements, turning, drilling or milling of your parts is offered in cooperation.

Spun hemisphere  

The machine park of the workshop of one of our suppliers has been extended by a fully automated metal spinning machine, type Leitfeld SC310 s to offer e.g. spun hemispheres. The tool making got integrated in the workshop. 

Leifeld SC 310 for metal spinning  

Mainly spun parts made from µ-metal, 2.4545, are manufactured. Occasionally the workshop provides metal spinning as service processing stainless steel, incl. 316, 304 and many other categories, special alloys, pure iron, aluminium, copper and niobium.

When it comes to metal spinning, please write to us through our contact form.