Nickel 50

Depending on the availability we ship from stock flat material, round material, foil and wire of the following alloys:

Around 50% Nickel

This group includes materials that combine a relatively high saturation, high permeability values ​​and low coercive field strengths. Compared to the group of high nickel alloys, the materials with around 50% nickel have a significantly higher saturation, but a lower initial and maximum permeability. By choosing certain milling and annealing parameters, the shape of the magnetization characteristic line can be changed over a wide range. With the alloy composition largely unchanged, materials with very different hysteresis loops and grain structures can be produced.

Supra 50®, alloy 1.3922

Thickness in mm Width in mm Lenght in mm
0,35 610 2000
0,76 610 1000
0,76 610 2000
1,50 610 1725
1,50 605 2000
1,56 200 2000
2,50 150 2000
* Supra 50® is a registered brand name of APERAM.