Zero Gauss Chamber

The term “Zero Gauss Chamber” or “Zero Field Chamber” normally refers to shields made of ╬╝-metal (RNi5). These chambers are used to create a space for calibrations that is free from the influence of the earth’s natural magnetic field. These chambers are usually quite small and are usually used for the calibration of devices such as hall probes. Zero gauss chambers can consist of one layer or up to five or more layers of RNi5 material or of other soft magnetic alloys. The decision how many layers and which materials are combined depends on your specific requirements. Multi-layer shields are usually much larger and are used more frequently in research environments, where it is not absolutely necessary to shield the earth’s magnetic field, but in some cases to generate an internal magnetic field, which has properties over given moments in terms of stability and field strength.

With multi-layer zero gaus chambers, it is very important that each layer of the shield is magnetically separated from the next. Extensive research was conducted and testing to determine the best materials for insulation. These in turn are based on customer-specific criteria and can differ considerably depending on the environmental conditions. The most typical form of shielding is cylindrical and offers the most effective level of shielding. The chamber is usually equipped with a removable cover to prevent the scattering of the magnetic field and to allow easy access to the chamber. It is normal for the cover to have holes or cutouts for cable entry. It should be noted that these are as small as possible. Should it be necessary to determine the positions of the holes or recesses on the main cylinder, it is recommended that an extension to be positioned perpendicular to the main chamber around the hole. Additional frames for positioning / structural integrity can be specially adapted to your individual needs and all finishes, such as painting can be done by us. All operations necessary for the production of the shielding are carried out under our supervision, so that complete control is given – starting with the choice of the raw material through to the required heat treatment in order to achieve optimal magnetic properties in the end product. Smaller Zero-Gauss Chambers are usually available from stock and experience has shown that larger or customer-specific solutions require min. 6 weeks of production time.