Your Specialist for Custom Magnetic Shieldings


Your Specialist for Custom Magnetic Shieldings


Specific Shieldings


The most difficult shielding problem concerns low-frequency magnetic fields. At low frequencies, effective protection can only be achieved with highly permeable alloys, such as those based on the Fe-Ni system. If very high attenuation is required, it may be necessary to use more than a single shielding layer. The calculated values are often optimistic and good practical knowledge of the different alloys and shielding designs is essential to achieve the desired results effectively.

We design and manufacture magnetic shields according to drawings. The respective fully integrated manufacturing, i.e. including the magnetic final annealing, includes among others the steps of laser cutting, turning, drilling, milling, spinning and welding. We are geared to offer both batch size 1 and series components. For example, in larger batches, we use the deep-drawing process to produce round and rectangular shielding cups made of MUMETAL®, RNi5, sheet thicknesses 0.5 and 0.8mm; the smallest diameter is 30.2mm, the largest diameter is 88.0mm.

Customized manufacturing


Cutting, welding, turning, drilling, milling & spinning - fully automatic

Cut to size

Cut to size, i.e. lasered, punched, etched or sawn, you can obtain from us according to dimensional specifications not only all materials in stock as flat or round material, taking into account material availability and offcuts.

Example: You need the material 2.4545, MUMETAL®, in 40mm thick discs with a diameter of at least 150mm for internal turning and milling. Depending on availability, we can offer you round material with the desired diameter or the next larger diameter.

Welded part

Welded components, mostly as magnetic shields, are available from us according to drawings.

Mechanically machined component

Depending on the requirements, a component is machined by turning, drilling or milling.

The workshop of one of our suppliers has been supplemented by a fully automatic metal spinning machine type Leitfeld SC310 s with an important metal forming process. The tool shop is part of the workshop.

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