Components made of soft magnetic materials

Components made of soft magnetic materials



In German-speaking countries, the collective term inductance covers a number of components that are used in the electronics industry, such as inductors and transformers, and play a role in the power supply of electrical and electronic devices, such as chokes and transformers. The components used include cores made of soft magnetic alloys, which Marchandise offers in various geometries and with different characteristics. We are the point of contact for the individual core that becomes part of a test setup, we supply samples and cores for pre-production and form an integral part of a reliable supply chain for series production.

Each of our products is the result of extensive research and development and has been designed with the aim of optimally meeting your needs. We invite you to continue browsing our product pages and learn more about our diverse range of products.

Our team is at your disposal for any further questions and will be happy to advise you in choosing the right product for your specific needs. Marchandise is your reliable partner for components made of soft magnetic materials.

Our laminations are made of high-quality soft magnetic materials. Various materials and sizes are available to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Read more on our product page.

Our tape wound cores are another example of the use of soft magnetic materials For more information on our C-cores, please refer to the respective product page.

Our toroidal cores, made of soft magnetic materials, are ideal for a wide range of applications. Toroidal cores with an air gap into which a Hall probe has been inserted are e.g. ideal for current measurement. Discover more on our product page.

Our Hall effect cores made of soft magnetic materials offer an effective and reliable solution for measuring magnetic fields. They are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications and help to achieve accurate and reliable measurements. For more details, please refer to the corresponding product page.

Our common mode chokes with a nanocrystalline core are designed to reduce interference in signal transmission. They are available in various designs and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Learn more about our common mode chokes on the product page.