From stock or custom-made


From stock or custom-made

Nickel-iron core plates

The core laminations manufactured from soft magnetic materials have been used for decades for transformers, chokes and small transformers.

High permeability, low coercivity and low hysteresis losses are ensured in the core laminations we offer by using the well-known nickel-iron alloys MUMETAL® and R Ni 12 and their final high-temperature heat treatment.

Customized, according to drawing, and M, as well as E, ED, EE, EI (UI) core sheets are manufactured in sheet thicknesses of 0.10, 0.20, 0.35 and 0.5mm. Other material thicknesses may be available upon request. We manufacture your sheets with a laser, using photo etching or with an appropriate punching tool. Each individual sheet blank is then deburred, final annealed and cleaned. All core sheets are delivered in special packaging, which also enables safe shipping.

Transformer laminations made of SiFe, silicon iron, are NOT part of the delivery program.

MUMETAL® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology (UK) Limited.

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