Hard for stamping or soft for machining


Hard for stamping or soft for machining

Supra 50®, Material 1.3922

Depending on availability, we supply from stock sheets, foils, round material as well as wire of the following alloys:

This group includes materials that combine relatively high saturation, high permeability values and low coercivity. Compared with the group of high-nickel alloys, the materials with around 50% nickel have a much higher saturation, but a lower initial and maximum permeability. By selecting certain rolling and annealing parameters, the shape of the magnetization characteristic can be changed over a wide range. Materials with very different hysteresis loops and grain structures can be produced with largely unchanged alloy compositions.

Supra 50®, material 1.3922

Supra 50® is a registered trademark of APERAM S.A.