MUMETAL®, 2.4545, 2.4596


MUMETAL®, 2.4545, 2.4596

MUMETAL®, ASTM A753 Alloy 4, material 2.4545, 2.4596

Depending on availability, we supply from stock sheets, foils, round material as well as wire of the following alloys:

An alloy containing nickel as its main component. It is one of the magnetically softest materials and is characterized by high initial and maximum permeability, low coercivity, but relatively low saturation induction. Material 2.4545, MUMetall®, reaches its maximum values at room temperature.

A variant of the material is the low-temperature MuMetall®, called Cryophy®. The alloy, which is similar to material 2.4545, is additionally subjected to a special tempering annealing in order to be able to score with the highest permeability values even at 4 K

CRYOPHY ® is a registered trademark of APERAM S.A.

KOVAR® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings Inc.

MUMETAL® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology (UK) Limited