Zero Gauss Chamber


Zero Gauss Chamber

zero gauss chamber



The term "zero Gauss chamber" or "zero field chamber" is often used to describe shields, typically made of MUMETAL® (RNi5), which can have a residual magnetic field inside close to 0 Gauss. The chambers serve to create a space for calibrations, e.g. Hall probes, which is virtually free from the influence of the natural earth magnetic field. Zero-Gauss chambers can be single or multi-layered and can consist of only one alloy as well as different soft magnetic materials. The decision on the number of layers and, if necessary, material combination depends on your specific requirements. Multi-layer shields are not uncommonly large and are preferably used in research environments. Here it is not absolutely necessary to shield the earth's magnetic field, but, for example, to generate an internal magnetic field which, in terms of stability and field strength, has properties over defined periods of time.

With multi-layer zero-Gauss chambers, it is very important that each layer of shielding is magnetically separated from the next. The best form of multilayer shielding made of MUMETAL® is cylindrical, which achieves an excellent level of shielding. If it is necessary to position holes or recesses on the main cylinder, it is recommended that an extension perpendicular to the main chamber be provided around the opening. Additional framing for positioning or structural integrity can be custom designed to meet your individual needs and any finishes, such as painting, can be provided by us. All operations necessary to produce the shielding are overseen by us, providing complete control - from the choice of starting material to the heat seal treatment required to achieve optimum magnetic properties in the final product.

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