The laminations made from soft magnetic alloys are used for transducers, chokes and small transformers for decades.

A high permeability, a low coercive force and a low hysteresis loss are ensured by using the well known nickel-iron alloy ┬Á-metal or R Ni 12 for our laminations and applying a final high temperature annealing process.

Customized, according drawing, M- and E-, ED-, EE-, EI- (UI) – laminations are manufactured in the thicknesses 0.10, 0.20, 0.35 and 0.5mm. Other alloy thicknesses on request. Your laminations are fabricated by using a laser, applying the photo-etching process, or with a stamping tool. Each part is deburred, annealed and cleaned. All our laminations are usually packed in special trays, which allow a safe shipping as well.

Laminations for transformers made from SiFe, silicon-iron, are NOT part of our scope of supply.

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